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Audience Into Clients


“Daniel’s approach to coaching is based on what is proven
to work and tailored to my individual needs, which is by
far the fastest way to achieve my business goals.”

Adam Saez
Personal Trainer | Founder of FITMEGO

“I do a lot of sales but now that Daniel gave me a
proven strategy I can simply convert more customers.”

Dan Lauritzen
Founder of Polaris Light

“I used to have issues with asking for funds, but now I can
confidently get my message out and be able to do the things
I want to do.”

DJ Hamilton
Life Coach for Young Sporting Professional & Parents

“I had been on a number of courses before and I knew a lot
of theory, but Daniel gave me directly applicable strategies
that I can start using from day one.”

Tom Thompson
Author of “Treeconomy”, Tree Consultant

Bonus 1:
Audience Into Clients 2-Day Workshop
We will work together to design
your high-converting signature talk,
presentation deck, irresistible offer
and high-value close from stage for
consistent results

Bonus 2:
Monthly Q&A Calls
with Daniel Aprea
Get your questions answered
to grow your business
FAST and predictably

Bonus 3:
Lifetime Access to Implementation
Get continuous support, ultimate
accountability, stay up to date
with the latest developments and
achieve your goals no matter

Bonus 4:
Gold Membership To Expert Business Hub
includes our full video-course vault, such as:

Grow Your Speaking Biz
How to close more sales from stage and
monetize your speaking engagements

Magic Words For Closing
Advanced language patterns to get more people
to buy from your presentations

Stage Presentations That Sell
How to design high-converting stage presentations
and irresistible offers that sell

Sales Mindsets Secrets
Erase any limiting beliefs about sales
and replace them with empowering ones

Free Leads Overnight
How to get started with NO leads without
having to spend a dime

Brand New Course Added Every Month


Proven Templates to get speaking
gigs, close sales over the phone,
invite guest speakers, propose joint
ventures, generate email sequences
and much more...


Unlimited AskDaniel™: Email us your
questions at any time and get them
answered by Daniel Aprea


Stage Presentations Slide Decks
(1 per month)


Free ticket upgrades for our
most in-demand business
seminars and summits


Members-only specials
and much more...

DISCLAIMER: This offer is only valid for a limited time and availability is not guaranteed. Results shown here may not be typical. Individual results depend on several factors and cannot be guaranteed.

“This workshop has enabled me to clearly see
what I need to do, the order in which I need to do it,
and the steps I can take to get the best results.”

Andrea Kay
Health Coach

“I learned everything I needed to take my business
forward and I am no longer struggling to get clients
or handle rejection.”

Maria Nonxoloba
Network Marketer

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